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  • What is Coconut Juice

    Coconut Juice is a thin liquid found in young coconuts.It's also sometimes referred to as coconut water, referencing the thin texture of this coconut product.

    Coconut juice is a fat-free, has a slightly sweet, somewhat nutty taste. Surprisingly, it doesn't taste like coconut milk but is has a flavor all its own.

    Coconut water has a long been the most popular beverage consumed in the tropics where it is considered not only a refreshing drink but a health tonic.

  • Coconut Juice - A New Sport Drink

    A bottle of coconut drink has more potassium than a banana, and it also has some other useful nutrients like magnesium.

    Coconut juice is a natural energy drink.It promotes hydration and replacement of electrolytes.

    It is a super food filled with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, aminoacids, enzymes, and growth factors. Most importantly, it has less sodium than most Sport Drink.

  • Coconut Juice is not Coconut Milk

    People should not confuse coconut juice(sometime called coconut water) with coconut milk.

    Coconut milk is made by grating mature coconut meat, soaking it in water, and squeezing it to a thick milky liquid, qhile coconut juice is a naturally-occuring coconut product found in yound coconuts.